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  • Laundry tips for your favourite lingerie

    Only the best materials for CONTURELLE

    CONTURELLE lingerie are made of synthetic fibres because these materials provide the best possible comfort. They also make lingerie hard-wearing, shape-retaining, easy care and low crease.

    With that certain soft extra

    The special use of a percentage of cotton in our fabrics makes the lingerie feel soft and pleasant on the skin and increases comfort.

    Washing tips for your delicate lingerie

    Mild liquid detergents dissolve better in water than powder at low temperatures, and thus cannot clog the fine pores of the material. It is not recommended to use fabric softener when washing lingerie, for it can break down the elastane fibers in the delicate and elastic fabrics. Full detergents contain brighteners and bleaching agents, and so should only be used for white articles to avoid unwanted discolouration of coloured items.
    Delicate lingerie is best washed by hand – or in the gentle wash cycle.

    A laundry bag can work wonders

    The use of laundry bags prevents damage to the lingerie from contact with other items of clothing. It also reduces possible displacement and strain on the bra wiring during washing.

    How to keep colour and shape

    White laundry should be washed separately from coloured items to retain the purity of the white for as long as possible. It is best to wash lingerie after every wearing because perspiration can attack the fine elastane fibres and shape can be lost.

    We recommend: good care for every product.

    Our lingerie items are very high quality products made of the best materials. You should always observe the special care instructions sewn into every product to keep them at their best for as long as possible.

    Hand wash

    Water temperature max. 40°C.
    First dissolve fine wash or wool detergent in plenty of water. Place the items in the soapy water and move them about carefully. Do not rub, pull or wring out. Then rinse the items well, press them out carefully and pull them into shape. Col-oured and sensitive pieces of laundry should be washed quickly and not be left lying about wet.

    Gentle wash programme 30°C

    Reduce amount to be washed (fill a maximum of half of the drum). Set corresponding wash programme. Do not spin or spin only briefly due to the danger of creasing.

    Gentle wash programme 40°C

    Reduce amount to be washed (fill a maximum of half of the drum). Set corresponding wash programme. Do not spin or spin only briefly due to danger of creasing.

    60°C Coloureds

    For coloured items suitable for hot washes, set correspond-ing wash programme.

    Do not bleach

    Bleaching is not possible. Use only bleach-free detergent (e.g. coloureds detergent). Care should also be taken with stain removers. In case of doubt, test on a concealed area.

    Do not tumble dry

    Articles should not be tumble dried.

    Do not iron

    Unwanted changes which cannot be corrected are to be expected.

    Do not dry clean

    Dry cleaning is not possible. Do not treat with solvents. Do not use any stain remover which contains solvents.